Ranibari Community Forest is a habitat for more than a hundred types of birds according to the observations from various contributors and is a popular destination for birdwatchers. There is a bird checklist available on which is based on observations of many contributors –

Birdwatching involves observing and identifying different birds, their habitats, behaviors, and interactions with each other and the environment. Spotting a new or rare bird species through patience, attention to detail, and some luck, can be a very rewarding experience. It can be a peaceful and calming activity to connect with nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life or it can also be a social activity that brings people together to share their knowledge and passion for birds.

If you want to go birdwatching, the best times to do so are early in the morning after sunrise, during mid-afternoon, and in the evening around sunset. During these times, birds are typically looking for food and water, relaxing, and getting ready to rest for the night.

It is recommended that you bring a pair of binoculars and a field guide for an optimal experience.

IMPORTANT: Please check the opening and closing hours of the forest premises when planning an early or late afternoon birding trip.