Porpa Ajima Temple

In the midst of the verdant forest lies a quaint and charming temple of Porpa Ajima, its aged beauty a testament to the enduring reverence and devotion of those who built and tended it over the ages.

The Porpa Ajima temple has statues of 11 different gods and goddesses. There are other individual stupas of Ganesh, Shiva, Saraswathi, Radha Krishna, and Buddha in the vicinity.

Few old communities visit the temple to perform their Kul Puja, which is a custom to worship and pay respect to their Kuldevata, a guardian God or deity of their community.

People of the Newar community perform puja in the temple during all major religious festivals. A unique festivals known as Dipankha Parikrama or Pith Puja is also performed once every decade or so depending on the astrological calendar.