Visitor Regulations

If you plan a visit to the forest, we request you to follow the following visitor regulations.

  1. Visitors must not enter the community forest premises before the opening hours in the morning, and must leave the premises before closing hours.
  2. An entry fee of NPR 10 per person must be paid at the community forest entrance gate after 8.00 am.
  3. Please do not harm or remove any vegetation from the forest. This includes flowers, plants, trees, and any other forms of natural growth. Help us preserve the forest ecosystem for future generations by leaving the vegetation undisturbed.
  4. Picnics or bringing food into the community forest for consumption is not allowed. There is a small cafeteria near the entrance where visitors can have tea and snacks.
  5. Exercise and yoga should not be done in groups of two or more people, or in close quarters with other visitors. Please be respectful of others’ space and maintain a comfortable distance.
  6. No Smoking, No Cycles, No Dogs Allowed, No Music Allowed, No Professional Photo and Video Shoot without permission, No Games Allowed.
  7. Littering is strictly prohibited. Visitors should use the waste bins located along the trail to dispose of waste. A public restroom is available along the trail that leads to the temple area.